Minimalistic apartment in Singapore with wonderful view to the city

Stanley Tam, famous interior designer, from well known studio KNQ Associates, recently finished one project on which he was working, that we decided to share with you. It comes to the minimalistic interior design of an apartment in Singapore. The owner’s desire was to have bright and spacious home with modern interior design and place for his collection, that he collected for years.


As the apartment is located on one of the highest floors of the building, it offers you breathtaking views to the city. The designer had chosen shades of grey-blue, white and browns as to underline this amazing views.


The living and dining room can look very common at first place, but it’s certainly not like that. On places the designer used “unrefined” materials, like stucco and stone plates, so that he can crack the well known modern style, which is characterized by polished surfaces. Thus, the apartment has more severe look and goes away from the the stereotype, in most of the people, that minimalistic interiors looks like hospital rooms.


The apartment has individual look in each room, as the connection between them can be seen in the face of different tiny details. And as we speak of individuality, pay attention on the diversity of lightings in each zone. They are precisely chosen, as to contribute for creating different moods, suitable for the relevant zone.


In the hall we are expected by the collection of the owner, for which we earlier mentioned. DIfferent heroes from comics and action movies in different poses and sizes are arranged the way they will bring joy to their owner every time he walks by them.


Take a look at the photos in details of this extraordinary modern interior design. We are sure that you will able to like something, and why not and a whole apartment?