Minimalist interior design in an apartment in Long Beach

Modern minimalist interior design is in trend today. You can do a lot with this simple, but elegant style. In this post, we will show you minimalist interior design in an apartment in Long Beach.

For a minimalist interior, you need to choose a neutral color scheme. Actually, this is one of the characteristic features of this style. To break the monotony of the minimalist interior design, you can choose a black-and-white color scheme. This is a classic and elegant color combination, which doesn’t contradict the concept of the minimalist interior. And since the minimalist interior design can be a bit boring, you can add dynamics to it with some rustic and vintage elements, like the wooden coffee table in the living room.

living room

living room designThe dining area of this apartment is also done in minimalist interior design style, but features some vintage elements to break the monotony of this style and add warmth. This is achieved with the built-in shelving unit with decorative items, inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. The minimalist interior of the dining area is also based on the contrast between black and white. The dark hardwood floor and the dark dining chairs contrast with the white walls, ceiling and the light dining table in natural finish, which matches the shelves.

dining room

dining areaThe minimalist interior of the bedroom features a dark, wooden bed with modern design, with simple and clean lines. The dark hardwood flooring contrasts with the white walls of the bedroom, like in the dining area. The vintage ottoman adds a point of interest to the minimalist interior of the bedroom. It matches the coffee table in the living room.


This amazing apartment with minimalist interior is an example how you can add warmth to this style with just a few elements, without going against the minimalist concept. The place looks really cozy and attractive.