Minimalist Garden Pond Design Ideas

Minimalist Garden Pond Design Ideas

Having a minimalist garden pond inside the house is a dream of everyone. Minimalist garden pond inside the house to make energy tranquility for the owner. After a long day with a lot of office work, when returning home feel refreshed, comfortable and beautiful, lost instantly enjoy the harmony of the minimalist garden pond. Today will provide you many photos, pictures also small tips about garden pond and you can use as inspiration for building your own minimalist garden garden pond design ideas

To create a minimalist pool in the house, the first thing to note is the size of area. Minimalist garden pond is no wider than 20m3, ideal for a minimalist and small house type. Instead, the land for the pool is not too broad, in order to the best view of your pool.  So, spacious pool area should be proportional in comparison to home. In addition to the size of the pool, view or location factors deserves attention.

The material used is not too much and not hard to find. Only use natural stone and a bit of carving and a touch of your creativity. Other materials used in making the pool is a natural stone wall and andesite as the bottom of the pool. Special to the bottom of the pond, prior to installation of andesite, a kind of foundation is made of brick. This is to avoid the bottom of the pool collapsed.