Minimalist Dining Room Design

Minimalist Dining Room Design

Minimalist dining room design — The dining room is one of the most frequent place for a family gathering, in an effort to increase the warmth of the family is eating together. Therefore, decorating / set up the dining room as comfortable as possible is a step that must be taken. Simple decor (minimalist) is an option that you can take as an idea to design your dining room. To create a minimalist dining room, the following’s are pictures of minimalist design of the dining room for your reference. This article also features tips on arranging the dining room to look cozy and modern.





minimalist dining chair


For decorating the minimalist dining room design, add an area rug in the dining room with a matching color to the walls of the room, occasionally with a contrasting color may yet pantaskan first. Carpets should be large enough to fit under tables and chairs even when the chair is pulled out. You can also take advantage of a hanging lamp or wall lamp. This is a sure way to change style and modern minimalist design of the dining room. Find some of the corners are suitable for the placement of this chandelier, you should look for the lights to be on display in pairs such as two pieces. Or you could also buy preferred chandelier and hang it right above the dining table with a height of head.


minimalist dining set


Iridescence must be considered in spatial planning. The dining room should use attractive color shades. Color shades in the dining room greatly affects appetite. If you are wrong in choosing shades of color, it could be going to decrease your appetite. The right color to be applied in the dining room include yellow, green, dark red, and kecokelatan. You should use different tiles with another room. Tile difference here as a divider between the dining room with another room. We recommend that you use a type of ceramic tile or a different color. Adjust the number of seats by the number of family members. If your dining room large enough, you should adjust the number of seats by the number of family members. However, if your dining room is narrow, you should use a rectangular dining table with chairs that look more simple – minimalist dining room design.