Merging your living and dining rooms – looks definitely better than it sounds

Merging your living and dining rooms

Another contemporary trend in interior design is the merging of the living and dining rooms into one common space. This is getting more and more popular not only with house owners, but also with everyone in possession of a bigger apartment.
Merging your living and dining rooms into one common area will definitely add up to the sense of comfort in your home – no more useless walls! Just make sure the new common area will have enough space for the furniture from the two rooms. Moreover, those should be tastefully arranged, not just cramped into the room, so compromises on the design and interior arrangements are off the list!

After a thorough research on the matter, we are proud to state that we do possess a few good ideas that might just be the long-sought inspiration for you. Whether you have a small apartment or a fancy house, whether you like the classic furniture or you are a futuristic enthusiast – we have got you covered!

Should you have already arranged and furnished your living room, but you are still considering merging it with your dining room, we could help with a few tips as well. Get a dining table and a good number of dining chairs and place them so that they look more as a handy addition rather than an obstacle. As far as the colors are concerned you can choose between the two possible approaches – either go for dining furniture that matches the living room colors or go for the ones that will contrast against the basic living room colors and shades. A small carpet, a few art pieces and your fantasy will get you rolling in no time.