Merging interior styles in the kitchen

Merging interior styles in the kitchen

Contemporary interior design solutions in the kitchen are more or less based on a few basic principles: extensive use of embedded, built-in appliances, stainless steel or plastic shells and functionality in every details of the furnishing.

So, what happens if we are of the romantic type and would like to get something extra out of our modern, high-tech kitchen? Well, we have given the question a good thought and are proud to say that we have come up with a few clever tricks that will get the job done.

If you feel like giving your kitchen a stronger country-like or vintage look, while at the same time enjoy the comfort of embedded appliances, you should consider placing all cooking tools into wooden cabinets. Remember that the use of wood in the kitchen is the missing element which can create a much warmer and romantic atmosphere.

What will, however, have the biggest impact on turning your kitchen from a food factory into a friendly, country kitchenette would be the dining area. Place a wooden table and a few cozy chairs, so that a functional spot can be created. Using a wooden bench instead of chairs will also do the trick. The important thing is that you have two separate, yet overlapping functional zones into one – a kitchen and a dining room.