Massage chairs for the office

Massage chairs in the office are a good way to relax and get your mind off things after a tiring day at work. Nowadays, even with the advent of alternative relaxation exercises, techniques and therapies, the kneading and stretching actions in massage therapy still remains to be the most used reliever for accumulated stress and tension on our bodies brought about by the demands of our fast paced world.

Massage chairs are ergonomically designed and portable and most frequently resemble recliners. They come in a variety of types and options. The portability and convenience of the chairs as well as its cost-effectiveness makes them a favored alternative to traditional massage. Massage chairs are perfect for the home, office and other places where people tend to get tired after performing tiring and vigorous activities.

basic massage chairs

There are three types of massage chairs you can choose from when buying chairs for your office or your home. The basic massage chair is designed to look like a high end office chair but with built in motorized massage system. It contains internal electronic motors and gears designed to massage the person sitting in them. It has some form of a remote controller so once the person sits on the chair, he or she can vary the variable options such as type, location, motion of rollers, heat, speed, or intensity of massage as needed.

office massage chair

Reclining massage chairs are also known as massage sofas. They often look like conventional recliners and offer many of the same features as the basic massage chairs, with the main difference being that they have special adjustment options that place the client in an adjustable recline or prone position. The special design of the reclining massage chairs enables users to lie down comfortably without engaging any body muscles. This type of chair also has additional adjustable components to massage the calves and feet. These added options and comfort will usually put the cost of a massage recliner in the range of a few thousand dollars.

reclining massage chairs

The outer material of the reclining office massage chairs is often made of leather or some other synthetic fiber. They also have variable options similar to others which can be controlled by a set of buttons often located on a control panel attached to the massage chairs.

reclining chairs

The last type of massage chairs you can choose from for your office or home is the mechanical massage chair. This type of chair performs the massage themselves. These are automated chairs that look as big and comfortable as an easy chair. They have rollers that massage the entire back side of your body from neck to toe. It can be available in deluxe models that offer rhythmically percussive movements, and vibrating mechanisms along with arm massage. These massage chairs have a programmable digital control panel that can be pre-programmed which enables you to choose your preferred massage sequence. These are the most expensive massage chairs though, so if money is an issue, opt for the basic massage chairs.

mechanical massage chairs 2


mechanical massage chairs

Massage chairs are suitable for people of all ages. People often think that they are meant for the old, but that is not the case. Each one of us gets tired, stressed, stiff muscles from everyday activities. That is where the massage chairs come into play. Especially at the office, we need one of these for improved work. It has been proven by experts that, no matter how hardworking a person is, when he or she is not relaxed, the brain functions less effectively. If you have an office and want improved work, buy massage chairs for your workers and wait to see the outcome.