Make your small bathroom seem bigger

The bathroom is the room whose dimensions are never satisfying enough. The way you arrange and decorate your bathroom can play a vital role in making it seem large. Properly selected interior design and some little furniture tricks can do wonders. The first thing you need to do is to choose a light color for your tiles. Bright colors in general, help expand spaces. It will be good if your walls and floor are the same color in the bathroom.

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Hide the installations in your small bathroom. You can use plaster boards to hide pipes passing through the room but make sure the access to them can still be done easily in case the need for a repair ever comes up. Apart from the walls, the ceiling should also be painted in a light color. Sparkling white ceilings look more remote, and that will help the bathroom look more spacious.

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The lighting is vital when trying to make a room look more spacious. Most bathrooms are windowless, and the need for additional lighting is high. You can embed lights in the ceiling and direct them to the walls. We all want to have a bathtub in our bathroom, but size does matter. If you space is limited, consider replacing your tub with a shower and a shower enclosure. You need to make compromises and remove stuff that eat up and consume all the space in your small bathroom.

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Use mirrors as much as possible to create an illusion of a more spacious room. You may opt for mirror bathroom cabinets instead of the plain ones. The effect will be multiple reflections, glare of lights, and many other advantages. Glass shelves and accessories can also make your bathroom more spacious compared to dense counterparts. If you have a shower enclosure in your bathroom, a little trick is to keep the doors open, so it looks like space available is more than it actually is.