Make your old kitchen look modern

If your kitchen design is from decades ago, or you want to sell your house, it may be time to modernize it. There are many great new ideas out on the market from creative uses of colors, innovative materials and modern appliances. Today, we will provide you with tips on how to make your old kitchen look modern.

Old kitchens were made with old materials, but with manufacturer’s coming out with innovative materials there is no reason not to try them out and update your kitchen. Chrome, aluminum, steel, nickel and copper are a hot trend in modern day kitchens and you can use them to modernize yours.


Your kitchen flooring is vital. If your flooring is old, the whole place looks old. The flooring is often overlooked by customers and that should not be the case with modern kitchens. If you have a traditional rolled vinyl or linoleum flooring, you may want to replace it with more resilient materials such as wood, tiles or stone. These modern materials will last longer and boost the value of your home, plus they are easier to maintain.

The kitchen is arguably the busiest room in the house. People often refer to it as the heart of the home, due to its high traffic. To modernize your kitchen and make it look new, consider equipping seating from your dining room into your space. Countertop stools and seats can give your kitchen a whole new appeal.

modern kitchen



For a modern look, energy efficient appliances should replace your old ones into your kitchen to save water and energy from your household expenses. Consider replacing plumbing fixtures such as low flow kitchen faucets as well. You may want to introduce the touch free technology and temperature sensor options to your kitchen. Updating your kitchen should not only be about aesthetics, but it should also save you money. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

If you have old kitchen cabinets and you don’t want to replace them, but rather give them a modern look, consider adding color to them. Painting, staining, and even replacing the cabinetry doors with new and modern ones are great options for homeowners on a budget. Almost everyone loves a do it yourself project at home, so I don’t think this will be much of a hassle for a hardworking household. Some elbow grease and additional color will transform your old cabinetry into new in no time.


Once you have changed the flooring, modernized the cabinetry and given your kitchen a newer look, you can do even more by installing new lighting. If you have been suffering with one overhead ambient lighting fixture, look to recessed lighting for a modern illumination source. You may even opt to install a dimmer switch for versatility in mood and illumination strength while entertaining, cooking, or just relaxing for a midnight snack. Chandeliers are the latest trend in kitchen lighting, so you can go out and buy a modern one. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of it.

Every modern kitchen has some decorative elements. Don’t let yours be an exception. Kitchen shelves may be used to place plants, sculptures, artwork and other decorative items on them. Add a vase of flowers, a fresh bowl of limes or lemons for a shot of color and bring a sense of you to your modern kitchen.

modern kitchen ideas

If you’re looking to open up your kitchen and share the view with an adjacent dining room or living room – consider knocking down some partitions. Your kitchen can grow in size or it can just get opened up to other areas of your home.

Using the tips above will help you modernize your home kitchen in no time. From updating finishes and materials to bringing in color, illumination and space, the options for you new kitchen are unlimited.