Luxury wooden rocking chair for your living room

Who wouldn’t want to have a rocking chair in their living room? This is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work, have a cup of coffee, while reading a book in the lazy afternoons or just rock gently, while watching TV. In this post, we will show you some luxury, wooden rocking chair designs.


This amazing, modern rocking chair is anything but ordinary. It has a narrow profile, swooping lines and plywood styling. The design of this incredible rocking chair really rocks. It is made from thin layers of maple with walnut elements, which accentuate its curves. Each bend is clean, crisp and minimal. This is an unusual approach to rocking chair design. One of the most interesting things about this rocking chair is that there are no joints visible. Each surface looks like a single curved plane, rather than a collection of assembled wooden parts.

rocking chair

This incredible wooden rocking chair is created by Jolyon Yates. It is carefully sculpted from birch ply and has a modern design. Jolyon Yates says that this rocking chair displays soul by reflecting the care and honesty with which they have been conceived and crafted in a world of loveless volume manufacturing. With this rocking chair and the whole series, he pays respect to those who have lent thoughts, inspiration or kindness in the development of these pieces including friends and family, and Mother Nature.

rocking chair design

This incredible rocking chair is designed for a modern living room. The design of this rocking chair is truly artistic and unusual. It has beautiful and comfortable, green seat and backrest. It also features an overhead white light, which contributes to the modern look of this rocking chair. It is also quite practical for reading.

A luxury, wooden rocking chair will be a great addition to your contemporary living room. Each member of your household would love it. If you like these rocking chair designs, you can browse the web for more pictures.