Luxury Hawaii Resort by Arri LeCron Studio

Luxury Hawaii Resort by Arri LeCron Studio

Hawaii, a small country in the pacific ocean with stunning ocean views. Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in August 21, 1959 and became the youngest state. Aloha, which means the greeting words of welcome and became popular in the world. Pineapple, coffee and papaya from Hawaii is famous for its delicious taste. Some of the advantages that make the island of Hawaii became extraordinary attraction for tourists from around the world. Luxury villas, five star hotels and restaurants began to open there.front views of hawaii resort by arri lecron

One of the many luxury resorts is Jewel Kahana designed by Arri LeCron California studio located in Maui, Hawaii, between Kaanapali and Kapalua. Equipped with seven bedrooms each with luxurious bathrooms, wet bar and attached Ohana beach, three half bathrooms, large open living room with fully equipped kitchens and separate enclosed kitchen maid, a sports bar with swimming pool tables and games in the mezzanine floating , spa and waterfall and a garage that can fit three cars. An additional guest house of 529 square meters, with stunning views of the Ocean, awaiting guests with a luxurious bedroom and bathroom. A swimming pool by the beach complete luxury features of the dwelling. Lodging named Jewel Kahana because of luxury features and has an area of more than 9200 square meters. This could be one of planing your home.

Price? You must have cash $ 14.9 million to have this exclusive Jewel Kahana resort. It is suitable to be a place with a family vacation or honeymoon spot.