Loft Apartment Interior Design Ideas

The open space in a loft apartment presents the opportunity for non-standard room boundaries. You are free to experiment with the space any way you want. In this post, we will give you a few loft apartment interior design ideas.

If your loft apartment is not furnished and has an unfinished industrial look, you can easily go with what you have. Contemporary furniture, metallic and stainless steel surfaces will add edge to the rough, unfinished brick or concrete walls.

industrial loft

Large windows, which are common to loft apartments, will let in lots of natural light. You can create some interesting effects with some mirrors placed strategically.

industrial loft apartment

Glass walls with running waterfalls or flower beds make for really creative room dividers.


Divide the space visually by using wall coverings with different textures and colors.

loft apartment

Create contrasts by painting the walls and leaving the exposed beams on the ceiling unfinished.

loft apartment design

There are some pretty awesome loft apartment interior design ideas you can use to create your dream home. Check out some photos online for inspiration.