Lime Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Lime Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Presence of lime green color will create a kitchen with full of serenity, presenting a balance, and create confidence. These colors can you combine with another clean color such as white or yellow for cooking activities feels cleaner.

Green is natural color that can bring a sense of relaxation when applied to the kitchen. This colors looks cool and refreshing so you can do cooking as well. The color is suitable for both traditional and modern minimalist kitchen design. Well, you also can try in your kitchen.

Lime Green Kitchen Walls

Choose a lime green kitchen ideas combines with white. For main room color, you should use white and wraps on the floor, walls and ceiling. White color will make your kitchen look clean and healthy. In addition, with applications to white as the base color, then you will feel more free because this color can make your kitchen look more spacious.

While the older lime green color would be more fitting if applied to the kitchen appliance. Rub this color in the cooking area as in the kitchen sets, cabinets either up or down. Pair with white top table color of granite materials for kitchens look more clean and modern. The combination of light green and white can also do to other room filler.

French Lime Green Kitchen

For example a set of minimalist light green chair combined with white table and put some fresh green fruits. Presence of green color brings peace atmosphere that makes you comfortable when preparing meals for family. Not only that, green is also able to give a fresh, comfortable and soft scenery.

In order to increasing the freshness nuance of your lime green kitchen design, you may put a green plant in a pot and place it in a corner near the cooking area. Pairs of beige carpet on the floor to create the impression of luxury and elegance are reassuring.

Modern Lime Green Kitchen Ideas