Lighting tips for your small home

The lighting in you small home is very important. It can create the illusion that the home is bigger than it seems. The small home lighting will vary from room to room. For example, for you small kitchen, you should focus mostly on the ceiling. The best choice is to go for a big chandelier, but given that the space is limited, go for wall light fixtures. Like 3 or 4 of them should do the trick for your small home. If you have a mini bar, you can install some lights on the counter.

kitchen lighting

For the bedroom in your small home, it is best to have a ceiling chandelier. If you or your partner like reading before going to bed then bed side lamps can be put which can be turned on and off whenever it is required. The bathroom in your small home needs a lot of illumination for personal uses. Fluorescent lamps should be installed on the ceiling together with a few walls light scones. A good lighting in the bathroom can help you start your day right and end it cool and relaxed for a good night sleep.

recessed bathroom lighting


bedroom chandelier

The best way of lighting up a small living room is by using wall lighting fixtures and scones, instead of having a ceiling chandelier. For a more stylish interior, you may use colorful light bulbs. You may also like to install some shelf or table lamps which can be turned on when required. Lamps together with wall lights will illuminate the living room of your small home very well. Keep in mind, that accent lighting improves any interior.

small home living room lighting

Recessed lights can also be used, as they become part of the architecture and simply blend into the room.  Putting two or more recessed lights, spaced out in a row, play off each other, creating a lighter, brighter space, especially in a small home.