Lighting Ideas for Kitchen

Lighting Ideas for Kitchen

Lighting ideas for kitchen — There are several issues worth talking about when we mention this one part of the house, namely: Kitchen. You know that is not mmudah to look for an idea of how a kitchen can be said to have been both in terms of functional and pencahayaa. Kitchen of course, is an important part of our house, perhaps most importantly, if you have a hobby of cooking and entertaining and makes both of these as part of your life. A good kitchen lighting is the lighting that covers the entire side of the kitchen. Of the area for cooking, common areas, bar, and cabinets. Lighting levels are preferred course is to be appropriate for conditions that are not too bright nor too dim. The combination of lighting at certain points of the kitchen can make the lighting in the kitchen becoming the maximum.

Here are some lighting ideas for kitchen that can be used as supplementary lighting in the kitchen.

Pendant lights. This type of lamp is lighting the main to the islands and of course the bar area. When choosing the pendant to complement the lighting in the kitchen, you should note the artistic layout of this pendant. Selected pendant lighting should be a main element of the lighting in your kitchen.


lighting ideas for kitchen


Lamp Flush and semi-flush. This lighting ideas for kitchen type of lamp is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen. A general lighting system. Light fixture flush and semi-flush must of course be noted particularly that the combination should be used against other types of light fixture to reduce glare and balance the lighting in your kitchen.


recessed lighting ideas for kitchen


Under Cabinet Lighting. This light is important to eliminate shadows in the food preparation area, especially from overhead lighting. The cabinet also illuminate or decorative tile splash back after dark with no shadows. The most commonly used in under cabinet lighting is a neon which can not be used by the dim light. Currently, there are various types of under cabinet light fixtures from halogen to LED adjustable rod and xenon lamps.


lighting ideas for kitchen over cabinet


Recessed lighting. This type of lighting used as part of any plan kitchen lighting. Recessed lighting is a light source which can be controlled and can be used as general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, grazing or stone structures.


lighting ideas for kitchens pendants


Some kitchens have vertical space above the top of the cabinet, this is a perfect area for a more powerful lighting in the cabinet. During the cabinet lights can be hidden so that you only see the light illumination on the ceiling of the kitchen and did not see the fixture. Hidden in the cabinet lighting is great for non-glare effects of ambient lighting. During the cabinet lights can also be mounted to the top of the cabinet directly on the cabinet light grazing effect. And lighting to illuminate the floor and kick produce a balanced lighting effect from the ceiling to the floor when combined with another type of lighting — lighting ideas for kitchen.


lighting ideas for kitchen