Kosher Kitchen Design Ideas

Kosher Kitchen Design Ideas

Kosher Kitchen first designed to conform with Jewish religious customs. A home kitchen designed in terms of layout, color decoration and furniture set to resemble a Jewish kitchen-style. Cleanliness is something that the main concern in designing Kosher kitchens, and therefore preferred color selection on a memorable bright colors and clean design combined with minimalist furniture.<em srcset=kosher kitchen set ideas” width=”500″ height=”400″ />

Normally, Kosher kitchen is made large in order to have more furniture and give the impression of sterile while cooking. Kosher kitchen was built adjacent to the family room and living room. It aims to facilitate you to take food when relaxing in the family room or entertain guests. Most Kosher kitchen adjacent to family room and only use of gypsum or wood bulkhead as a barrier. Kosher kitchen is divided into two main parts:

The main venue / main zone
This area is used as a place to cook and wash dining furniture. Equipped with wastafle, closet and window facing out. You can enjoy the view through the window while cooking.

Small Area
An area that made to place the supporting furniture such as refrigerators, ovens and food stock. This space not priority especially if you have a small house.

Green is the most popular color for Kosher kitchen. The green color will give the cool impression, clean and not too flashy. You can see this following Kosher kitchen gallery for more inspiration.