Kitchen design suggestions

Before you can start designing your kitchen, you need to have a clear mind on how you want it to look, both in terms of design and also cabinet and appliance installation.  Kitchens can be U-shaped, L-shaped or a galley. Each shape has advantages and disadvantages in terms or cooking convenience, foot traffic , food storage space. The kitchen design idea we are giving you today is the one-wall galley kitchen design.

kitchen designWe have provided an example of how the one-wall galley should look like when designing your kitchen. As you can see, dark wooden cabinets were used in furnishing the kitchen. From the left, we start with the stainless steel sink with a cabinet for garbage below it. To the right of the sink, we have an empty space which is for the installation of the cooker with a thick glass meant to cover the cooking stoves and an aspirator above it for vapor suction when food is being cooked.




A microwave and an oven are fitted into one of the cabinets in this particular kitchen design, with the refrigerator right next to them.  Above the sink, we have two shelves for putting away washed dishes and for storing dry spices.  Right below the oven, we have two compartments used for storage as well. The refrigerator is a two-door with the lower door being the freezer.

This kitchen design has a mini bar which can be used for cutting up vegetables, serving drinks or just hanging about while waiting for the food to be done. Don’t install a bunch of metal appliances, counters and walls. The design we have provided for you is suitable for homes and apartments. The best kitchen design ideas are usually the sensible ones and the ones planned out.  Knowing what you want is the general layout and what we have offered to you today is something, I’m sure a lot of people will keep in mind.