Kitchen design ideas

The kitchen is the most used room by family members and therefore, it should be designed and furnished accordingly. The kitchen design we are going to share with you today is very modern and contemporary. The kitchen consists mostly of wooden cabinets. The fridge’s door however, is black and shiny and so is the vent system. The mixture of these two colors is appropriate for the kitchen design. Some of the top cabinets are also painted black.

The kitchen has an L-shaped layout. The left wall is for the cooking activities and the right one is mostly for storage purposes. On the cooking side of the kitchen, we have the sink, the vent system, a built-in stove and oven for cooking, a dishwasher and some cabinets. On the storage side, we have the refrigerator and freezer, shelves for food and spices storage, and a few cabinets as well. This particular kitchen layout is the most modern and contemporary.

The walls and ceiling of the kitchen are painted white. The lighting of the kitchen is enhanced with a big black chandelier in the center of the room. Small lights can also be seen above the sink and are very functional. The kitchen floor is hardwood parquet. Easy to clean and maintain and fits the whole style of the room, as the cabinets are also wooden. A small dining table can be put in the middle and used by the family for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This kitchen style can easily be combined with a small living room. Just put in a couch, a television set and a table. It’s a perfect idea for a small living space or if you are living alone. Add some decorative items to the kitchen for a better look. Put some small vases on the cabinets or flower pots on the floor. That will definitely improve the look.