Kitchen and living room design

For people trying to renovate or decorate their new home, our designers have created a kitchen and living room 3D-project which shows how you can furnish and decorate them. The apartment being renovated has a combined kitchen and living room, but still looks tidy and pretty spacious. The kitchen and living room are divided with a fireplace made of bricks and marble. Fireplaces add a touch of class and luxury to our homes.

interior design




The kitchen is an L-shaped one and is to a very high level a modern-day kitchen.  It has a white ceramic sink, a very powerful cooking stove and an oven. The cabinets are white colored and provide a lot of space for storing food items. The kitchen has a mini-bar with two chairs around it. The kitchen floor is made of dark red colored tiles which blend in with the furniture in the room and are easy to clean.

Between the kitchen and living room, we also have a dining table made of wood and six white-cushioned chairs positioned around it. From there on, we have the living room space. The floor of the living room is made of wood, unlike the kitchen. The designers used mainly white furniture for the decoration so everything blends in, but you can always choose different furniture colors, as long as it looks good. An L-shaped couch can be seen in the living room positioned just in front of a television cabinet placed in the corner of the room.

interior design

An LCD flat screen television stands perfect in the living room. The main object in the room that separated the kitchen and living room is the dining table, so when designing your own home, keep a note of that. Of course, you would like to decorate some of the furniture you have. For example, you can have some candles on the tables and cabinets, frames or you could hang pictures and portraits on the wall to make your kitchen and living room unique and comfortable to stay in.