Kitchen and living room combination

You have a small apartment? You need to combine two rooms together? Here’s an idea for you! Combine your kitchen and living room. In the picture provided for you, we are showing a perfect example of how to combine your kitchen and living room when you have limited space.

kitchen and living room combo

As you can see, the kitchen is on one end of the room and the comfortable couch with the television and the living room table on the other. They are divided with a dining table which seats 6 people perfectly. The kitchen is a modern day kitchen. It has everything a kitchen needs. That includes a stainless steel sink, a modern cooker and a small traditional refrigerator.  Cabinets are also present in the kitchen and compartments as well for food and spices storage. The cabinets are of light and dark colors and are made of wood. They add a little class to the small kitchen.

The dining table in the middle of the room is made of dark wood and the chairs are decorated with a white cushion. The chairs are designed on the back rest with squares carved out of them. The floor is wooden. The couch on the other side of the room is covered with orange cushions for the back and seat paddings. A little living room table can be seen in front of the couch. It consists of dark and light wood combined together and the combination looks pretty good I got to say.

Not a lot of people would prefer combining the kitchen and living room together, but that is the idel thing to do when you have limited space or need to use the living room space for another purpose. If you are worried about food smells while you are relaxing in the living room, don’t forget there’s always an aspirator which you can buy to suck up all the vapour from the food being cooked, or you  could just install larger windows for easier ventilation.  Kitchen and living room combination does not seem as bad anymore, does it?