Kids Toys Storage Ideas

Kids Toys Storage Ideas

Kids toys storage ideas — What is most in love of children? Of a collection of toys. Parents often rush with a new toy every request go to the mall or shopping center. Which is often overlooked is their toy collection storage cabinet. Though the cabinet can be a good educational media. Therefore, as a parent, you need to pay attention and solve storage problems for you with smart toys.


kids toys storage ideas


Here are some of the concepts of kids toys storage ideas. The cabinet doors are made with many colors. Then the cabinet can be a medium of learning to recognize colors. In choosing color, you should choose the base color is clear. Not the color of the mixture. It means that children are not confused with the color composition of the mixture. By the time children learn to recognize colors, the best way is to know the basic color. Cabinet door can be added to the ornament of letters. That way, children can be taught to recognize letters as well. Good also if the letters were preparing the child’s name. In addition to the letter ornaments, cabinet doors can also be attached to the child’s favorite picture. Images that can be used to learn to categorize. Or learn to classify the types of toys. For example the car, stored in a drawer with a picture of a car door. Groups of animals at the store in a drawer a picture of animals. And so on. The example I showed above is a picture of a train door. That way, a toy cupboard into a multi-media educational function. Especially if the father’s mother taught them to put the toys in a neat orderly arrangement. Which has not been seen in the above sketch is, you should not have sharp edges. Then the upper corner of the cabinet is made curved, to avoid a fatal accident.


kids toys storage furniture


Once your child has a place of storage for all their toys, train your child to take advantage of the storage closet well. With this, your child learn to be responsible for the neatness of their rooms and learn the discipline that once they play, should always be returned pad the space provided — kids toys storage ideas.