Kids Room Toy Storage

Kids Room Toy Storage

Kids room toy storage — Toddler playroom clutter to make the mother was often dizzy and tired of having to frequently clean it up. Here are the tricks to keep a toddler’s playroom neat. Separated, select, collect all the toys in one place. Classify each type of toy and insert it into the right place. Set boundaries. Determine how many toys of every kind that can be stored. Toddlers can be confusion if the toy is too much. Encourage children to choose the most preferred toy of you want to limit the amount. The rest can be donated to other children who have no toys.
Prepare a container that was given drawing toy. Encourage the toddler to the store to choose a sticker to be affixed on the image container. Because children can not read, a picture can help him find out which containers to store certain types of toys.


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kids room toy storage



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The placement of kids room toy storage exact on each drawer. Keep toddlers toys that can be played without supervision on the bottom shelf. Use a container without a lid, because it opened the container lid was not easy for a toddler. Separate well as equipment for making crafts in places difficult to reach, because of its use need supervision. Notice of security. Make sure the storage cupboard is not harmful if climbed by children. Shelf to put the containers should be horizontal, so that toddlers do not have to climb. Heavy toys placed on the bottom shelf. Teach children how to put down. Explain to children that makes the toy set he takes his toys and that the game is not lost. Take the time to train the toddler set piece. Creative as a storage container does not have to be expensive toys. Consistent with the toys and take notes. Make sure the toy in the container remains in effect. When you want to replace, remove old, replace with a new toy. Do not immediately open and use the gifts of toys.


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Avoid storing toys in a place that was too high and hard to reach children. If you put toys into containers or container, name the toy box with a label or sticker. In addition to teaching children about the order and neatness, you also teach independence and other skills. Among other things, basic math skills (classifying, said the number of boxes containing dolls, etc.). Use a strong shelf for a place to store boxes of toys. Make sure the cabinet or shelf stable and protected from falling toddler’s toy box or shelf — kids room toy storage.