Kids Bathroom Designs

Kids Bathroom Designs

Kids Bathroom Designs — In addition to the bedroom, the bathroom is an important room in the house. Especially for your children. Though usually smaller in size than the bedroom, this room decoration should not be overlooked. Make the child comfortable bathroom, stylish, yet functional can be obtained easily and inexpensively. Here’s an easy way to decorate your child’s bathroom.


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Using a paint color can dramatically change the look of the room. It’s also the easiest way to start decorating the bathroom, because bathrooms are generally the size of a child who is not too broad, you can choose the paint color most preferred by your child. Choose a bright color to your child’s bathroom. They will love the bright color display in their bathroom. Another alternative is to paint the bathroom, a good idea to paint most of the walls with neutral colors and a wall with a bright or dramatic color. This method is easier for you if at any time to change the design or bathroom décor. Because the neutral colors match with everything.


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For your child’s bathroom, you can add accessories in the bathroom. As an option, the accessories that can be used is the shower curtain (if using a shower), bailer, mats, mirrors, paintings, and other small accessories, such as trash or a toothbrush and soap. All the accessories that can make a big difference in the bathroom. Generally, bathroom accessories are available in a set so that the design of this room will look uniform. Choose a funny picture as Disney cartoon characters, or pictures of their favorite super hero. Do not forget to make sure you discuss with your child to design their bathroom that was to take part in decision making so that they will be more responsible for the cleanliness of the bathroom in the future.