Interior Lighting for Homes

Interior Lighting for Homes

Interior Lighting for Homes —¬†Lighting is an essential part of a space. This time will be discussed on artificial light, particularly to provide comfort on the move in space. “Gaming” the effects of light can also affect the atmosphere in the room. Therefore, the selection of the shape, dimensions, color, model and placement of lighting armature to consider more seriously. In general, artificial lighting can be divided into three types: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.


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General lighting is a lighting system that became the main source of comprehensive information and is done by placing the lamp in the middle of the room or at some point are evenly distributed. Lamps used were TL lights or downlights and some indirect lighting with hidden lights that produce light evenly without making eye glare and the atmosphere of “warm” with a yellowish light. The selection of the yellow incandescent bulbs are generally derived from the TL, or neon, or the selection of the white halogen lamps can be derived from the halogen incandescent lamp and daylight type fluorescent lamps. Task lighting is a lighting system that is focused on an area or confirmation with the goal of helping a particular activity or just to avoid eye strain while on the move. For example in the work space equipped with a desk lamp for reading over the counter or table mounted lighting for reading recipes. In the dining room chandelier is also there that leads to the dish at the table or for forming the atmosphere. Accent lighting is used to highlight or focus on an object to be more like a piece of art (artwork) or highlight the painting. Accent lighting is usually using the spotlight as it can produce a strong bias light on the target object. Applications wall lamp can also be used for a particular emphasis on the walls so as to produce a dynamic display space. The effect of “dramatic” beautiful of lighting can also determine the mood.


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Every 20-25 square meters should be installed 1 piece of public lighting, and be sure in a room not more than 3 special lighting so as not to create glare. In order not to disturb the eye, should be hidden accent light because the light is very strong. Family room requires a thorough general lighting because it’s where all members gather, chat, and relax. Comprehensive lighting will support a relaxation in the living room. Add standing lamp in a dark corner or behind a potted plant to accentuate the beauty of the plants. If like to make the reading corner, and prepare a corner in the bedroom. Adjust the distance of the lamp house about 1 meter from the floor. Height is perfect for reading while sitting. Light curve shape should be more comfortable because you are invited to sit in a chair placed next to it. For the bathroom, lighting comfort is very supportive of this additional functionality. The bathroom is humid room, the lamp with the specifications of the special security needs to be applied in the bathroom. Other tips, plug wall lights and a soft warm glow to create the impression of luxury like in the hotel bathroom.