Interior in white decorative elements in bright colors

Usually, when walls of one building are painted in white this is deliberate move, which aims to underline certain function or part of the decor. It perfectly does it, even it is doing it job perfectly as a backround to the surrounding furniture, that has it’s own history or story.


In some cases, the place, that we aims to underline with furniture, stands standing with different shape or bright color. In other, this place is a masterpiece and the way, it stands out from white walls. Here we can see an amazing combination of colors, speaking of how good the poeple standing behind this project art and how the family living there accepts it.


This modern home and both objects are in contrast with the white background in one really beautiful way.

As you will notice by yourself, all of the walls in this home are painted in dense white color. It is not accidental, on the contrary, white color serve as background to many authors masterpieces, as to the furniture in different bright colors.


These elements creates specific focus points in the premises, which makes the house unique. Creative combination of colors and shapes gives creative and pure outlook to the whole place.


We can not pay attention to the big windows in the living room , which except of that they bring solid amount of light inside, but also opens a view to the wonderful yard.


Other interesting contrasts we find here are these between shapes of furniture, also and between their styles. Some of them are with round ends, other are like square or rectangle. In the amazing interior you can cognize as modern furniture with minimalist design, and furniture in vintage style.


This house was recently built and different taste of the owners makes great impression. In choosing furniture and decorative elements they wanted to link the inside design with this of the garden and they achieved great success with this for sure thanks to the bright colors and broken shapes.