Interior Design Trends – Moody Walls

Moody walls are the current trend in interior design. You can easily bring more drama to your home décor with a dark shade of blue, gray, green or even black. This allows for lighter furniture and fabrics to pop out and serves as an excellent background for a collection of contemporary wall art and metallic accents. In this post, we’re going to examine the moody walls trend.

moody colors

Deep, dark blue tones are a popular trend in the interior color scheme. Choose these colors if you’re looking to create a moody atmosphere in your home, perfect for reading a good book, sitting by the fireplace, relaxing or gathering around the dinner table with friends and family for hours. For traditional interiors, you can use a combination of navy and gold. Gold details really stand out against dark background. You can also choose a monochromatic scheme of different shades of blue – from pale bluish gray to deep navy. To create a nice contrast, paint the trim in glossy white.

If you want to have moody walls in the interior of your home, you can also choose shades of gray in your color scheme. They can be really comforting. Your choice of colors ranges from warm pearl gray to intense matte charcoal. If you don’t like a single tone color palette, or the moody grays are too dark for your taste, you can create a fresh contrast to brighten up your interior a bit. You can choose some accent colors like mustard, pink or pops of gold. Gray can also be combined with teal. Dark gray colors highlight beautifully bright accessories. If you want to use a moody gray color scheme in your bedroom, choose clear acrylic bedside lamps, a gilded headboard and sapphire duvet. In the living room, you can choose an emerald green loveseat and an ornate floor lamp to create a reading nook.

Another great choice of color for moody walls is green. Moody moss green is probably the least used color for interior walls. If you want to use green in your color scheme, you can choose a gray-green color, which allows brighter furniture to really shine. A very dark green, almost black is a great choice for a hallway. Consider this color if you have a window in the hallway, where you can put beautiful, bright window treatments, to draw the eyes toward the color and light. Dark green colors provide the perfect contrast for painted woodwork, especially in traditionally decorated homes. In fact, moody green shades are an excellent background for most pieces of artwork, since they make them really stand out.

Moody walls can add drama to your interior, making the space look elegant and glamorous. These colors hold some mystery, attracting with their richness and sophistication in their deepest, darkest shades. If you want to keep a room from becoming too depressing with moody walls, consider placing lighter and brighter accents, which will liven up the space. Feel free to share your thoughts on moody walls in the comments section below.