Interior Design Tips, Guide and Tricks

Interior Design Tips, Guide and Tricks

HomeTrendy.orgInterior Design is not an easy task, especially for you who know little things about the interior and design. Then you try to find ideas on the internet about the most suitable design for your home. But what happened? Maybe you will be confused because so many design ideas that you find. For that why not try making your own designs? will give you some tips for designing your home interior.

Designing the interior there are several elements to note consider the following tips:

Wall Color
Blue Wall Color Layout Ideas

Most of the residential, tend to have either a neutral color walls are white, ivory or gray. Indeed there is nothing wrong with a neutral-colored walls (especially if you and your family have to feel comfortable with these colors). But if in fact you are bored with a neutral color and afraid to experiment with color, you should try to paint only one side of the wall with different colors and then make that wall as a focal wall.

If you have a very large room, you can use almost any paint color. If your room is smaller, avoid using dark colors to prevent the room from impression of more narrow and claustrophobic.

Interior Decorating Style
There are many styles of decor that you can choose, it all depends on individual taste. If you love antique furniture, accessories with lace shapes and floral patterns. French decor (classic) is good options for you. And if you like simple decor and contemporary look,  you can try to find a  neoclassical style, art deco, Mediterranean, retro reference styles.
You can experiment freely – free for every style but still be – the liver, especially in color.

The color scheme
Color is one of the most important part of an interior decoration. Each style has an own color, make sure you’re color choice is math with the  room.

Here is the color scheme to be considered: sea blue, white, gold, yellow is perfect for home or tropical ocean theme. While the colors are light green, pink, white, and pastel color more suitable for chic theme. Black, white, dark blue is a good combination for contemporary themes. Classic theme more suitable if it consists of elements – elements of the color burgundy, gold, emerald green, yellow and brown.

Layout settings
Living Room Interior Layout DesignWithout setting a good layout, the entire room will look cluttered, consequently all the decorative elements in it were actually looks very messy. To facilitate you in setting the layout, it helps you adjust to the needs and habits of your family. For example, if you’re used to put the house keys or letters at the entrance desk, it would be nice if you put a decorative accessory like a bowl on the table.