Interior Design Color Trends for 2014

If you’re planning to remodel your home, but need some inspiration, you should check out the interior design color trends for 2014. Keep in mind that the color scheme you choose is your best chance to really make an impression. In this post, we will give you a few ideas for interesting and modern color schemes.

In the past, light colors like white, creams and pastels were used in the interior. One reason for this is that these colors can make your rooms seem larger. This is especially useful for smaller homes. Another reason why these colors were preferred is that they are easy to combine with any other color. You can choose any upholstery and curtains you like, and they will look good in the light colors of the interior. However, interior design color trends have changed dramatically and now incorporate colors of all hues and shades.

emerald green

Interior design color trends for 2014 make use of vibrant and extremely beautiful colors. You can use vibrant red, emerald green, teal blue, fuchsia pink, sunflower yellow and many more, when you’re remodeling your home. All these colors and the many possible color combinations can make your home cozy, warm and welcoming. Of course, you need to use these color schemes cleverly, otherwise your home remodeling can turn into a disaster. Before trying out the various possible combinations, make sure you have an ideas of how color work together.


Research carefully the interior design color trends for 2014 before you decide to experiment. Not all of them can suit any kind of living space. Even the color of the ceiling can make a huge impact on your home décor. You might also check out the interesting shades with even more interesting names like tangerine orange, periwinkle blue, rum red, fantasy pink, egg yellow and so on. The interior design color trends for 2014 definitely have something to offer to anyone, who wants their home to really stand out and look impressive.

wall colors

If you’re not sure how to incorporate the interior design color trends in your home remodeling, you can seek the help of professionals or check out some more ideas online. We’d be happy to see pictures of you home remodeling and your new color scheme.