Ideal plants for your office

Adding green plants to your work space carries proven wellness benefits from boosting productivity to purifying the air. Avoid getting stuck with a sad plant cemetery on your desk by choosing one of these air-cleaning, mood-boosting varieties that are also nearly impossible to kill. Today, we will mention some plants to you that are perfect for the office and can improve the décor significantly.


spider plants

Perfect for high shelves and hanging baskets, the low-maintenance spider plant thrives in partial sun or shade – making it ideal for your cubicle or windowless office. They help improve the indoor air quality, and also reduce stress at work.



Researchers at Ohio State University found that the scent of lemon balm plants improved people’s moods and raised their levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical linked to mood and behavior. Plant it in a size-appropriate pot with good drainage and rick potting soil. These plants thrive in any light conditions, so they are perfect for the office.


peace lily plant

These plants love the shade, so they are perfect for windowless offices. They are quite eye catching and are one of the best plants in terms of improving the air quality of a place. Plant them in rich, loose potting soil, and make sure the pot provides adequate drainage.


areca palm

Thanks to its huge fronds, this palm is especially effective at filtering airborne particles. The fronds of these plants can reach 6 feet in height and feature 60 leaflets. It needs a little more care though than the other plants mentioned above.


gardenia plants

It’s like a long-acting antidepressant. A gardenia can live for 25 years, and every time you smell its flowers, your emotional outlook improves. These plants help stimulate your brain in a positive way. Plant them in a size appropriate pot and consider them for your office.