How to prepare for an open house

When you are ready to sell your house, you will find that a lot of people are interested in it. The best thing to do is to gather potential buyers and organize an open house. It will give a chance to the buyers to see all the functions your house offers and also look out for damages that will cost a lot of money to fix. There are a few steps you can follow in order to be fully prepared for the open house and we will mention some of them to you today.

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The first thing potential buyers notice when they come over for an open house is the outside of the house. Make sure your lawn is mowed and the grass looks neat. The front door should be inviting and welcoming. Paint the door if needed. Also, replace any outdated outdoor lighting fixtures and make sure everything is clean and free from dust. If you don’t have a good welcome mat, then buy one that is welcoming and helps complement the front door. Buy new house numbers if the old ones are dated or faded. Be sure buyers can see the new ones from the curb.

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welcoming front door

The most important thing you need to remember when planning an open house is that your house needs to be clean; both the inside and the outside. Eliminate half of your belongings as clutter can cost a sale. If you don’t have a place to keep them, rent a storage unit for extraneous pieces of furniture at least until the open house is over.

Another important thing you need to do before the open house is to organize all closets and drawers. It is weird, but some homebuyers tend to look inside the drawers, so you need to be ready for that in case it happens. Make sure you have enough man power to rearrange furniture. Rearranging furniture for the open house makes the rooms appear larger than they actually are. After all, you want to create an illusion of a big enough house especially if that is what people are interested in. Every surface in the house must shine, starting from the floor to the ceiling and all pieces of furniture. Make sure you don’t forget the interior windows, mirrors and floors. They are very important for the open house.

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organized living room

Make sure the kitchen, bathroom, and storage rooms are clean and free from bugs and insects. This would discourage almost all homebuyers. Scrub every inch of the kitchen and bathrooms. You need to make all necessary repairs before the open house, so that buyers don’t add that to their list of expenses. Also, eliminate all signs of previously done repairs. Not everyone should know what has been going on before especially the buyers. Depersonalize each of the rooms before the open house. Remove photo frames and posters if you like. It is not as necessary as the other things though.

clean kitchen

If you have been living in the same house for over 20 years, when the time comes to separate from it, it may be really difficult for you. Make sure you let go emotionally of your home for the open house, and get ready for an offer. You need to convince the buyers that they have found what they are looking for. Let go of all attachments. For a nice smell to your home, buy air fresheners, spray them often before the open house date. Turn on all lighting fixtures in the house and be welcoming and inviting. You can also fix some snacks and drinks if you like for the open house.