How to maintain your parquet floor

If you already have a hardwood parquet floor at home, or you are planning on getting one, you need to consider the maintenance and upkeep that will be required. Hardwood parquet floors improve the appearance and value of your homes, but require a lot of maintenance. Ensure that the air conditioning is kept at a reasonable level for humidity control throughout the year. Hardwood parquet floor is made from natural wood products, so it is normal for the floor to expand and contract. If you notice a case of welling or dipping in your hardwood tiles, that may be due to accumulated water. Investigate the root of the problem as soon as you can in order to prevent your hardwood parquet floor from getting ruined.

To protect your parquet floor from getting scratched, consider using cloth furniture protectors for chairs and tables. Also, you might want to place a carpet or rug in places where people spend the most time in your home. Sanding your floor can help you get rid of some scratches. However, some people and homeowners feel that the scratches add character to the hardwood flooring. There are several products available which can help you keep your parquet floor shiny and clean.

For polishing your hardwood parquet floor, quite a number of experts suggest using olive oil as opposed to wax based cleaners. To clean your parquet floor, you may use water and vinegar sprayed on a sponge mop for more effectiveness. It’s interesting to note that the color of hardwood changes with age and exposure to sunlight. If you use area rugs, they should be rotated in the room in order to keep the overall color more uniform. Another maintenance tip is a daily vacuuming using a soft brush attachment. Hardwood parquet floor is perfect for an elegant and a classy home.