How to keep your bathroom warm in the winter

The bathroom can be one of the hardest places to keep warm during the cold winter months, given the constant need for ventilation and the drastic changes in temperature and humidity as family member use the shower.

There are two easy main ways to keeping your bathroom warm over the winter. The first one is improving the insulation, which will involve a lot of time and money. Improving the insulation will help you save money on light bills when things start to get a little chilly. The second way is to increase the amount of heat there is in the bathroom and keep it warm throughout the season.

window caulking

Improving the insulation within the bathroom can be done in many ways. One of those ways is by replacing silicone sealant on the window edges. Over time, the sealant on the window edges begins to deteriorate and that allows cold air to enter the bathroom or heat to be lost. Another way to improve bathroom insulation is by installing weather stripping on window or door edges. The process of sealing window edges is very similar to caulking and is often more efficient at keeping both cold air and water from seeping through the gaps around your bathroom windows.

window weather stripping


bathroom ventilation

Installing proper ventilation in the bathroom is vital when you want to keep warm. A lot of people normally open their windows when they want to ventilate a room. Whilst this is a quick and efficient way of doing so, heat can be lost very quickly and can often be both difficult and slow to reheat, especially when it is extremely cold outside. Installing an extractor fan in your bathroom can prevent the need for opening a window and help retain heat.

bathroom radiator

Adding heat to the bathroom can be done by installing a bathroom radiator or a heater fan. Sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best. A lot of the time, bathroom radiators needs to be bled to work as efficiently as possible. If your radiator is taking a long time to heat up, there is a good chance that it needs to be bled. This is simple and can be done using a bleed valve. It is pretty much a DIY thing for the bathroom. If you do not know how it is done, just make a Google search and you will know in some minutes.

bathroom radiator



To keep the bathroom even warmer and cozier during the winter, you can opt to install a more efficient radiator or towel rail, or you can install under floor heating. The installment of under floor heating in the bathroom can be quite expensive, but the long term savings can be relatively high. A lot of the time, the under floor heating can be controlled using a switch or a thermostat to make sure you have a toasty bathroom floor, before you step foot in the bathroom. Having one of these is a real privilege. Not everyone can afford this.

underfloor heating

Other alternatives for providing heat are buying water saving shower heads, but if you already have some of the stuff mentioned above, we don’t think that this will be required. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so we need to consider the temperature in it. Apart from that, we don’t want our guests to freeze when they visit, so we should either properly insulate the bathroom, or install a good heat system.

We would love to hear your unique ideas on how to keep the bathroom warm. Please leave us a comment if you have such and we will be glad to read it and reply you.