How to Furnish a Small Modern Kitchen

Furnishing and decorating a small modern kitchen is quite a challenge. You need to find a way to fit all the necessary cabinetry and equipment, think of some clever storage solutions and make sure that you can comfortably move around. In this post, we will give you a few tips on furnishing a small modern kitchen.

Traditional closed cabinets may not be the best option for a small modern kitchen. Visually, they take a lot of space. Instead, you may consider using open shelves, to mix them with the cabinetry. They will leave the wall behind visible, which is a great decorating opportunity. You can paint the wall behind the shelves in some contrasting color, or use raw wood for the shelving.

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You need to find ways to make your small modern kitchen appear larger. This can be done by using glossy surfaces, which will have a mirror effect. You can also buy counters with glass surfaces. They will reflect light from the windows and the lighting fixtures, making the room look bright and airy. If you choose dark counters and cabinets, they will appear to be receding, giving the illusion of taking less space. This will also add depth to your small modern kitchen.

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When you’re furnishing a small modern kitchen, it is a good idea to use kitchen islands. If you don’t have enough space for large countertops, go for a smaller kitchen island on wheels. This will give you additional storage options and provide an extra surface for cooking or other daily kitchen tasks. Add a couple of stools to that and you will have a dining area in the kitchen. Just make sure you can hide their seats under the countertop, since chairs and stools take some additional space.

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Make use of the vertical space you have available in your small modern kitchen. Installing wall cabinets and shelves will provide you with more storage options, while leaving free floor space. A wall shelving unite can accommodate quite a few utensils, cookbooks and some decorative objects. Maximize the functionality and storage capacity of the small kitchen by taking advantage of the present walls.

Furnishing and decorating a small modern kitchen is a hard task, but the results are rewarding. Browse the web for more ideas and check out some photos for inspiration. You can share your ideas for a small modern kitchen in the comments section below.