How to design your home office

Many people nowadays choose the option to work from home. In order for that to happen, they need to have a home office. Main reason for this variety is that the type of work the person does, allows him to do that from his or her home. The choice of working in a home office can be very demanding, especially if the necessary facilities are not just a few. You can have a home office even in a small room where the space is very much limited. A home office has to be effectively separated from the home environment, in order for maximum productivity to be achieved.




Before designing your home office, you need to know a few things like what type of work will be done in the office, the amount of space you have for the office, will clients be visiting, will colleagues visit for collaborative work, are conference call going to be made and many others. The answers to the mentioned questions will determine how you layout your home office plan. The most important things to consider when setting up your home office are the equipment, lighting, privacy, layout and the ergonomics. Speed and efficiency are critical at the home office. Don’t pay for equipment you won’t use on a daily basis. Create a wireless network, so you can flexible when it comes to laptop work. Be sure you invest in the fastest equipment available, so you don’t spend your time waiting for things to work.

Good lighting system is fundamental. You will want as much natural light as possible, but if you have a small window, a combination of task and general lighting will be required for your home office. The most critical factor with lighting is the ability to control its brightness and intensity. Nobody can work properly in a space of noise and interruptions. When planning your office area, ensure that it affords a degree of privacy from surrounding activities. If a door to the office area is not practical or available, it may be helpful to add signage such as “Quiet please” or “No interruptions”.

You need to carefully plan the furniture design and type of furniture you want to have in your home office. The desk of your choice will serve to support your laptop or desktop computer and work-related items. The chairs in your home office should be comfortable, as you will spend lots of time sitting on them. Your health, safety and welfare are critical. Chair manufacturers have made significant improvements in comfort for computer users. The goal of the home office is to make your work comfortable and help you increase productivity.