How to design a small office

No matter the size of the office you are designing, you need to make it as comfortable as you can. After all, it is a place where people carry out their daily work activities, so the more comfortable it is, the more work will be done.  Every office must have comfortable chairs and desks which will suit the people sitting and working on them. The size of the desks you choose to have in your office depends on the number of people you have working for you. It also depends on if only one person will be using the desk or more. Our designers have come up with an office design idea which we will show to you today.




The office is a small one which is meant for two to four people to work in it. It has two big desks mostly used for administrative purposes. Two computers are placed on top of the desks which can be used for data base services. The desks are located next to each other, but still have a little platform in between them so as to enhance privacy in the office. As mentioned earlier, comfort is a must. The chairs are ergonomic and very much comfortable. Wall cabinets are hung for storing paperwork and other stuff.

The walls of the office are painted in purple and white colors which suits the color of the chairs (white) and the desk (brown and purple). The floor is wooden. Parquet flooring to be precise. The office room has two large windows which allow for a lot of natural light to come into the room.

In the other room of the office, you can see where coffee breaks and lunch breaks are carried out. Every office needs the following for extra comfort and hospitality: a small fridge, a coffee maker and a microwave. I personally worked in an office where these weren’t available and I have to say, it’s was not cool. So for all the bosses out there, never forget to have them in your office.

The lighting in the office is very important. If you do not have enough natural light, make sure you have a good, solid source of light. Big light bulbs and wall lamps should be installed. Fluorescent lights and LED can also do the job.