How to decorate your mobile home

To decorate a mobile home can be challenging. When you purchase a mobile home, it usually has paneled walls, low ceilings and vinyl wallpaper. When you look around, it seems that there isn’t much you can do. However, you can still create unique atmosphere in your mobile home, which reflects your personality and good taste.


campEven if your mobile home is located in a neighborhood with dozens of other mobile homes, you would want yours to be warm, cozy and attractive. However, the strips of vertical molding on the walls, which cover the gaps between the wall panels, keep reminding you and your guests that you live in a manufactured home. Give the walls of your mobile home a complete makeover. Remove the molding, apply joint compound, texture the walls and paint them any color you like.


caravanThe kitchen of your mobile home probably needs some changes too. You can remove the doors of the cupboards and, depending on the style you’re trying to create, replace them with shirred fabric on a rod, for vintage look, or glass doors for a more modern look. You can also paint the kitchen cabinets or have them finished. This way your kitchen will look new and modern.


hostelThe bathroom of your mobile home is small, so you need to figure out clever ways to create the illusion of more space. Paint the walls of your bathroom in a light, soothing color and choose towels and a shower curtain that match the walls or create a contrast. Keep in mind that a monochromatic room tends to look larger. Keep your bathroom clean and organized. If there are things you don’t use, store them somewhere else or just keep them out of sight. Choose window covers, which provide privacy, but let in natural light.

indoor basecamp

indoor campindoor campgroundFor the bedroom of your mobile home, you need to choose furniture, which doesn’t overwhelm the room. You need to arrange the bedroom furniture so that there is a clear path for traffic. Lower furniture pieces will create the illusion of height. Throw away any items you don’t use. Keep the bedroom clutter-free. Choose bedroom décor, which blends in with the rest of the interior of your mobile home and keep the accessories to a minimum.