How to choose the right tableware

Choosing the right tableware for your home is an important decision. There are many options you can choose from nowadays. Unlike before, we are no longer limited to just white or ivory bone china tableware. When you are looking for the right tableware, your lifestyle, entertaining style, budget and individual taste all play an important role in the decision. With a little planning and research, you can get the right tableware that does more than just hold your dinner.



For everyday casual dining, stoneware and pottery dishes are durable and easy to maintain. For a more formal look, go for bone china or porcelain dishes. When you are dealing with children, durability is the main factor to consider for your tableware, so keep that in mind while making your selection. To make your dining room look neat and coordinated, choose tableware that suit and coordinate with your linens and the style of your room.Dining plate set materials currently on the market include pottery, bone, glass porcelain, white porcelain, crystal, glass. Before you purchase anyone of the above, visit a few retailers and explore your options. Whether you are looking for formal or casual tableware, they can help you narrow your options down. Of course, a formal dinner plate set is more expensive than a casual one, as the casual is usually sold as individual open stock pieces.


Tableware in a neutral color look good with any linens, décor, and are suitable for any season. If you normally use your dishwasher for cleaning your tableware, research the care instructions of the plates and cups you are getting. You do not want delicate pieces with gold and platinum pieces to get destroyed in your dishwasher. Go for dishwasher safe tableware, if you do not fancy washing dishes with hands day-by-day.


If you do not want to match your tableware patterns exactly, choose the one that coordinates with a variety of colors and styles of serve ware. Most formal china patterns are sold with coordinating dishes, but that is not always the case with casual pieces. Another factor to consider is purchasing pieces that work with your cooking interests. If you are a fan of pasta, include plenty of large pasta bowls in your tableware.


Consider the size of your kitchen cabinets and storage areas. Some large plates won’t fit in your small or standard cabinets. Choose tableware that fits in the storage are you have available.