How to choose the right desk for kids

Every kid should have his or her own desk at home. A place where they can do their homework, use the computer, and participate in hobby activities such as painting or drawing. The desk however, should differ from the ones we use in our office or working area. Think about the size, style and function of the desk. As long as you consider the user and the user’s need, choosing the right desk for your kid will be easier than expected and shouldn’t be too difficult an assignment to complete.




The first factor you need to consider before choosing a desk for your kid is ergonomics. The rules are not much different than the ones you have to apply when selecting a desk for yourself. However, the desk and chair have to fit the kid’s anatomy. Consider the distance to the computer, the eyes, back and the feet when choosing the chair. Getting the right size is a critical issue. When dealing with work space layout for your kid, think that his desk has to adjust to his body. Apart from choosing the right one, you need to choose a desk style that is age appropriate. Consider the children trends, tastes and preoccupation. If you’re not sure about these preferences, just ask your kids. Always go for something cheerful and fresh.

Check the quantity and size of personal objects that have to fit on the kid’s desk. Kids prefer a lot of shelves and drawers, compartments where they can store little belongings. Considering the fact that even little kids need some privacy at times, they will really like it if you have a locked drawer, where they can keep away their “secret stuff”. Don’t let your kid select a desk that he or she does not need. Kids don’t need a fax or a telephone, so it does not actually have to be an office. Explain to your kids that the desk is not a place for storing toys. Toys fill up space quick and that may reduce its functionality.