How to choose the ideal Baby crib

Baby crib or bed is at the top of the priority list for things you need to get before your baby arrives. There are many different styles and features available, so it could be a hard task to pick the safest and the best baby crib for your new family member. When buying a baby crib, the most important thing to consider is safety, then the physical appearance and how comfortable it will be for your baby. Determine your price range and decide which features attract you the most and are of greater importance.




Familiarize yourself with the baby crib safety standards before you go out shopping. A safe crib must have a firm, tight-fitting mattress, no missing or broken hardware and no cutouts in any of the boards. Traditionally, baby cribs came with stationary sides, single drop sides, or double drop sides. The drop side baby crib is considered convenient, but history shows that it may present some safety issues. Wheels are a very useful feature when choosing a baby crib. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll use them, leave them off the crib and keep them nearby, in case they are needed. Even if you purchase a baby crib with no wheels, caster wheels can be bought separately which are pretty easy to install.

Consider getting an adjustable mattress for your baby crib. It allows the mattress to be higher in the crib so you can gently lay the baby down to sleep, then lowered for babies who can pull up. Some cribs have wood slats or metal bars as a mattress support, while others use a metal frame with criss-crossed wires.

Convertible cribs are very attractive, but the added expense may not be worth it to some parents. Most baby cribs require an extra kit to be fully convertible, so ask about the cost, before you make your final decision on which baby crib to purchase.