How to choose the best exterior doors for our homes

Doors consist of an interior side that faces the inside of a space and an exterior side that faces the outside of that space.  While in some cases the interior side matches its exterior side, in other cases there are sharp contrasts between the two sides.  Entry doors must be tough enough to withstand wind, rain, and intruders, yet they should have a nice enough look to make a good first impression. Most olden day entry doors are made of wood or wood veneer, which might crack or wear out after several years of exposure.

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Metal doors which last and resist damage longer than the wooden ones, don’t last forever either. Their surface starts to peel off eventually. There are new wood doors that resist the elements mentioned above much better than the earlier versions, as well as the metal ones that look like wood but provide much greater security and often cost less. Wooden doors with glass panels offer more light coming into the house from the entry door.

steel doorsSteel doors are the best bet if security and durability are the top priorities. Steel is stronger than wood or fiberglass doors, and they won’t crack or warp. The cost of a steel door is the least compared to doors made of other materials. All steel doors have an inner frame made of wood or, for greater strength, steel. One disadvantage though, is that most steel doors are coated with a baked-on polyester finish that requires periodic repainting.


Another type of an exterior door you can choose for your home is the aluminum door. Aluminium doors, like steel units, use an insulation core covered by a metal skin. They have a baked-on enamel finish, so they never need repainting and won’t rust. However, this type of door is does not come cheap and is quite pricey.