How to choose an aquarium for your home

Before setting up your home aquarium, you need a properly selected assembly of aquarium equipment. In order to keep a great and successful aquarium, you need to spend some time to research the type of equipment suitable for the fish you choose to house. The main decisions you need to make before you set up your aquarium are location, size and construction.




To pay enough attention to it, set up your aquarium in the room where you spend most of your time. That will most likely be your bedroom or your living room. That way you can fully enjoy the results of the endeavor and you won’t forget to maintain it. Setting up an aquarium in a storage room or a basement might lead to filter malfunctions and increase in fish diseases as regular maintenance might be reduced. Keep in mind that when the aquarium is set up, it weighs about 10 times your tank’s water capacity, and it must be disassembled to properly move it again. This may be very stressful to the fish and you should try to avoid it completely. The lighting in the tank is very important. It illuminates the aquarium for your aesthetic enjoyment of the inhabitants and decorations and provides functional light crucial for photosynthetic life of the inhabitants.

Just like people, fish need adequate space around them. Your fish tank needs enough space around it, so as to be cleaned and maintained. The space at the back is needed for filtration, and the top for water changes and lighting. You may want to have a cover over your fish tank to help keep humidity levels down and decrease the amount of water that gets evaporated. You may want to place your aquarium close to an electric outlet where you will have to plug lighting cables and other stuff. A stable water temperature ensures the well-being of the fish in your aquarium, so try to keep your tank away from heating vents and ACs so they don’t alter with the tank’s temperature. Another thing to consider, is keeping your aquarium away from direct sunlight.

The stand on which you plan on setting your tank should be stable. The floor must be level to prevent mishaps. The best thing is for the stand to be on a hardwood surface. The size of your aquarium will depend on the size of habitat your fish can survive in. If you are not able to provide the required size, reconsider your fish choice. However, the bigger the tank, the better it is for the inhabitants living inside of it.

Another factor to consider for your home aquarium is the material from which it is made. It is sometimes difficult to choose between glass and acrylic. Glass aquariums tend to be less expensive and are more scratch resistant. Two important factors people usually consider. Acrylic aquariums are less scratch resistant, but are much stronger and are less likely to break or crack. In places where earthquakes are common, an acrylic aquarium is the right choice for people living in those areas. The acrylic material is much stronger than glass. Scratches on the acrylic aquarium can easily be fixed. Also, consider your home décor and which material will suit the whole theme of the room you plan on having your aquarium in.

Two or more species of fish are unlikely to coexist in the same habitat or aquarium. So to achieve that, you may want to consider a separate aquarium for the different species. Don’t forget decorations such as driftwood, sunken ships, artificial coral, and more, to personalize and add the finishing touches to your aquarium.