How to choose a high-quality teak dining table

Teak is a great material for the construction of indoor and outdoor furniture. It is very durable, strong and easy to maintain. Plus, it is very resistant to termite attacks. In this post we are going to talk about how to choose a high-quality teak dining table.

If you don’t have enough information about teak, it can be pretty hard to choose a high-quality teak dining table. However, we have some tips to guide you in your choice of the best quality teak dining table. The first thing you need to notice is the finishing. If the finishing of the teak dining table is good, then, most probably, the quality of the material is good. If you see a teak dining table with a rough surface, then it is likely that the teak quality is low.

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You can find a teak dining table, which has teak only on the surface and the back is made from t-blocks or plywood. To make sure you are indeed choosing a high-quality teak dining table, knock on it and listen to the sound it produces. T-blocks and plywood would give a higher-pitch sound.

teak dining table

A high-quality teak dining table is made from teak, which is old enough, so there’s no white part. You can see white parts when the teak is still young. The white part is often attacked by termites. A high-quality teak material also won’t have a “hole”, which is from a branch.

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A teak dining table can have a traditional or modern design with or without carvings. Once you’ve chosen a high-quality teak dining table, maintenance is easy. You will only need to clean it with oil twice a year. For daily cleaning, you can use a wet cloth and that would be enough. If your teak dining table has some carvings on it, you can use a brush.