House layout project

If your family comprises of three to four members and you are planning on building a new house or villa, here is the perfect project for you. Our designers have created a house project which includes a parking garage, two bedrooms, a combined toilet and bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a with a dining table. The outdoors of the house is a big garden with grasses and flowers. The garage is an open one and is suitable for two to three cars, although, only one is shown on the picture.




The house is divided into two sections. The right section is where the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom are. The left one is for the bedrooms. The entry door to the house is located to the right of the garage. Like every other house, when you get inside, the first room is the living room. In the living room, we have the sofa, chairs, a table and the television. When you leave the living room, if you go straight, you will go to the kitchen, and if you go left, you are headed to the secondary bedroom or the kid’s room. The kitchen is an L-shaped one and looks pretty functional. In the middle of the kitchen, we can see the dining table where the family can sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

After the kitchen, we have the bathroom and toilet. To the left of the bathroom is the primary bedroom meant for the parents. In between those two rooms, we have a backdoor entrance. Every room in the house has windows to bring in lots of sunshine, so we can say that it is a bright house. The flooring in the bedrooms is parquet flooring which is more preferable to tiles especially in the cold winter. However, tiles cover up the floor of the kitchen and bathroom for easy maintenance and cleaning.

This particular house project is perfect not only for homes, but also for villas, especially in the woods or in the country side. Tell us what you think about this project. We hope to get some positive feedback from you.