Home Playroom Design Ideas for Young Boys

Designing a cool playroom for your boys can be a pretty fun task. Naturally, you would want your kids to have a realm of fantasy, where they can spend hours playing and where the adults can escape from the daily grind for a while, too. In this post, we will show you some truly amazing playroom design ideas for young boys.


This incredible playroom is really fun for both kids and adults equally. The walls are a fun and colorful representation of the cityscape, with skyscrapers and an amusement park. The room itself has a sea theme, with a ship, a boat and some sea turtles. The lights on the ceiling resemble starry sky. Your kids and their friends will spend hours enjoying this awesome playroom. And we’re pretty sure that you will spend hours there, too, showing it off to your friends and neighbors. The best thing about this playroom is that you don’t need a lot of space to design a playroom like this one, because the walls give the illusion of open and almost unlimited space.

playroom design

This awesome playroom is perfect for toddlers. The central piece in the room is the slide, which is designed to resemble a pirate ship. There’s a fun table with colorful legs for your kids to paint pictures or play with their toys. The rocking seahorse is padded, which makes it more comfortable for the youngest children. The light-colored walls and ceiling make the room feel bright and airy. Although the equipment in pretty stable, it is not advisable to leave young children unattended. For this purpose, there’s a fun office desk with a computer, in case you attend to some business, while watching your kids play.

playroom design idea

This cool playroom is perfect for little adventurers. The room itself has a simple design with walls, floor and ceiling in light, solid colors and no additional decoration. However, it is still pretty fun. Besides, kids pay no attention to interior design and accents. They just want to have fun and this playroom provides that. If you want to make the playroom safer for your boys to play, choose carpet flooring. This will provide a soft cushion for falls. If you want to get similar equipment for your playroom, make sure you follow all the installation instructions to the letter. Safety comes first. Do not leave kids unattended, while using the equipment.

castle playroom

To design the perfect playroom for your boys to enjoy, you need to think of what the like the most. And we all know that one of the things boys really love is castles. Look at this awesome playroom, designed to look like a castle. The incredible wall painting looks like a real battle with brave warriors and dragons. If you want to design a similar playroom, you’ll need to hire a professional to paint the walls and the ceiling. However, the investment will be totally worth it, when you see the happy faces of your kids. Choose this incredible playroom design and you will definitely be a hero.

forest playroom

The last playroom design idea we want to share with you is this amazing forest playroom. The design has many details, which makes the space unique. You kids and their friends will have lots of fun and unforgettable moments in this room. If you want to use this design idea, keep in mind that it’s not suitable for very young children, because they might get hurt. This playroom is also perfect for sleepovers or even a fun bedroom.

If you’re planning to create a playroom for your boys, there are lots of awesome ideas online. We would also love to see your own designs. We hope we’ve managed to inspire you.