Home office lighting ideas

A major trend in the last decade is the use of a home office to conduct business related activities. The lighting configuration is essential when organizing a home office. A home office that is dimly lit or dark could eventually lead to eyestrain, and reduce productivity due to the fatigue factor. The wrong lighting configuration can lead to distractions and can contribute highly to disorganization. Overhead lighting should be positioned in such a way that your primary workplace is totally illuminated and no shadows should be present.




If you are looking to pay less on light bills, and save on energy, fluorescent lighting fixtures are your best bit. Even though they are more expensive than normal light bulbs, they provide artificial sunlight and make it easier and more comfortable to work longer hours during the winter season. The best thing to do is place two of those on two ends of your home office, so that you don’t actually see them while you are working. Take a good look in the layout of your home office before investing in lighting fixtures.

If you have big windows in your home office, consider ambient light and set your desk close to the window area. Your lighting should be planned around the equipment you use the most in the office whether it is the computer, printer, fax machine, or anything else. The kind of furniture you have in the home office is not the only thing that provides comfort for visitors and clients, the lighting also does.

home office lights


home office lighting

Most major home centers cater to the home office user and will be able to help with your lighting plans. Your home office can be a showroom just like other parts of your home. In fact, it should be. Don’t allow your home office to be like a den, make sure you have proper lighting in it.