Heating radiators in interior design

Heating radiators in interior design

Heating systems in modern homes are widely used, since the appropriate temperature is part of the overall atmosphere and influences significantly the way we feel when inside. Heating systems can be local or central, but they are all based on the use of heating radiators. The only issue that arises is the fact that they, despite their innovative look, seem to be unable to fit into the interior design concept of our homes.

So, we have taken a closer look at radiators in an attempt to disguise their presence in the décor. The most widely accepted and used technique would be to “hide” them behind a wooden grid. This definitely saves the day, but the thing is that the solution can be a lot more functional and practical. Apart from placing the radiator behind the grid, you can also install a wooden board on top horizontally. Now this will allow you to transform the radiator’s wooden box, so that it can serve so many roles: a dressing table, a small “verandah” for pot flowers, a mini-table by the bed, a relaxation spot or even a designated office area!

Another common approach is to paint the radiators in the same color as the room walls. This way, they will virtually merge with each other and will not form that unpleasant focusing point. The tricky part is that whenever you decide that it is time to change the interior colors, you will also have to repaint the radiator bodies.
Whatever approach you decide to undertake, keep in mind that the heating bodies do require proper care. So make sure you clean the dust on a regular basis and repaint them whenever needed. In case more severe issues arise, it is a smart idea to leave those to a professional technician.