Handmade Designer Bathroom Vessels

Bathroom vessels are a comparatively new addition to bathroom interior design. This type of sinks set atop a countertop and require non-standard faucets and waste drain systems. Modern vessels look like art pieces, made from porcelain, granite, alabaster stone or blown art glass. They are perfect for stylish, luxury bathrooms. In this post, we will show you a few handmade designer bathroom vessels.


This beautiful bathroom vessel is made from tempered glass. This stunning and elegant piece is designed by Italian Bathroom Interiors and crafted with state-of-art German machinery under strict quality control. The glass is very strong and impact-resistant, and has high-clarity finish. It can withstand over 350 degrees F temperature. To prevent any leaking problems, a laser-guided check is conducted for the accuracy of the vessel drain-hole drilling. The pieces inside this sink are natural shells, collected from the seaside. They are hand-glued piece by piece. It can accommodate wall-mounted faucets or single-hole and widespread faucets, mounted on the countertop. These incredible bathroom vessels are designed for modern, luxury bathrooms and people with highly-developed sense of beauty and style.


This beautiful, bathroom vessel is made from solid tempered glass. It features smooth interior and vibrant color pattern. The striking metallic blue shades have a few specs of black to achieve an interesting effect. This vessel sink can be easily installed with standard US plumbing connections. The solid brass umbrella pop-up drain and mounting ring come with the vessel. These elements are available in chrome, satin nickel, antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze and gold finishes. This bathroom vessel is designed according to the latest trends in exclusive bathroom d├ęcor. This unique design and high-quality features of these bathroom vessels are an ideal solution for contemporary, stylish bathrooms.


This vessel sink would be a beautiful addition to your bathroom interior. The glaze effect is achieved by overlapping a sky blue glaze over turquoise. You can see the fluid dynamics of crystalline glazes at play in this vessel. The process of creating crystalline glazed ceramics is actually quite interesting. The flower-like appearance of the glaze is actually zinc crystals, which grow in the glaze during the slow and controlled cooling, after the peak temperature is reached. The underside has a satin black finish. It is modified by hand to shape a stargazer lily. This vessel can also be used as a sunken sink. This is a great choice for beautiful, modern bathrooms. Do not use abrasive cleaners for these bathroom vessels, because they will wear down the glaze over time.


If you want to bring the beauty of sea life to your bathroom, choose this amazing hand-etched vessel sink. It is skillfully designed with a sharp diamond bur engraving tool. This process is quite labor-intensive from start to finish, but the final results are stunning. These unique bathroom vessels are true functional works of art with many elaborate details. They will help you turn your bathroom vanity into an impressive focal point. This is a great choice for your modern master bathroom.

Bathroom vessels are becoming a quite popular solution for modern bathrooms. They are quite practical and can serve a decorative function too, with their unique design and intricate details. There are many affordable and beautiful options too, to match any budget.