Halloween garden – Make it spooky

Halloween costumes and interior decorations can be funny and enjoyable; however it is worth noting down that the outdoor area around your home deserves a proper treatment, so that a truly spooky Halloween garden can be recreated. We have considered the topic very carefully in order to come up with a few spectacular ideas on what your backyard should look like, so that the holiday can be enjoyed to the full.

Halloween stairs




Pumpkins are probably the first thing that would cross your mind when you think about the holiday. They can be carved in so many different ways; actually the scary images that can be made of a pumpkin are virtually countless. Their use goes far beyond your window sills. They can decorate your garden in a unique way as long as you have the desire and the skills to put your ideas into practice. Add a few empty bottles, a half-smoked cigarette and arrange the pumpkins on your door steps.  This will make your Halloween garden look real spooky.


Halloween pumpkin

decorationsIn order to covey a truly spooky sensations you will have to create a few images of ghosts by all means. Old bed sheets or torn up white draperies will do the job. You need a spare skull, which you can buy cheap at the Halloween decoration market and an old pot. Put a few smelly candles which produce thick smoke into the pot and place it in the hands of the ghost. The result will be simply trilling, yet a bit scary too, but after all that is what Halloween is all about.




HalloweenThe spooky Halloween garden decorations can as a matter of fact be made entirely of natural elements. Use the fallen leaves from the backyard, get a few of the small, empty decoration gourds, take out the old wooden table with a few worn-out wooden chairs and scatter around plenty of candles. The perfect setting for a ghost gathering will be displayed in your very own garden!