Grey Family Room Ideas

Grey Family Room Ideas

Grey family room — Grey is the result of mixing black and white, two solid colors into a color medium. If black is 100%, then 90% black is Grey. Because of that gray can also be categorized as an instance of a black color. By its nature is not solid, grey can be a good base color. So many things you can do with the color grey in the interior of a room.


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Grey is the safest color for a background of other colors. Almost all colors can be harmoniously combined with the color grey. It makes the grey suited to modern themes. In accordance with modern principles applicable to many things. Grey like someone who is flexible and easy going, have character but still can blend with everyone.


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Another reason why the grey color matches the modern theme is its comfort. Something that is not solid tend to be more comfortable and calm. Grey has that trait. Many people choose grey as the dominant color in a modern style house. When it comes home from work tired and on the road, we immediately feel calm and relaxed. Naturally we feel that it’s time for a break. Therefore, grey suited for application in space as a place for relaxed like family room. So you can get grey family room.


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Application of grey in the family room can be done in several ways. Modern industrial-style house with regular use of walls or concrete walls that are not in finishing. To avoid the impression of monotony in the room, you can put furniture that can compensate. The presence of a large sofa with a red or maroon velvet material will be a fun shocking color in the room. Choose the form of furniture that is not too much contrast so that it matches the theme of modern space. Another way to enter the colors in the room had a wide opening was made with the orientation of the green and colorful gardens. The use of gray wallpaper can be an option. Grey color combined with gold to support the classic theme. Much of the walls are made grey to muffle the din of other colors are too flashy. Due to the nature of grey that does not stand out, allowing motif on it look more powerful — grey family room.