Granite tiles for the home, office and open spaces

Granite tiles are composed of quartz and feldspar and have evolved to be the most popular building material. They are extensively used to decorate the interiors of residential and commercial projects. They impart a sophisticated look wherever they are they are installed. These granite tiles come power-packed with several attributes that make it ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications. These rocks are hard and durable; therefore they become the paramount choice for places that are prone to high temperature and pressure. Hence, they can endure heavy foot traffic observed by the kitchens and bathrooms.

granite tiles for counter top


granite kitchen island

Granite tiles are available in several colors and each is one of its kinds with variations, streaks and splotches of supporting colors in the form of various unique patterns found in each tile. Granite tiles are easy to maintain and are extremely resistant against stains and dirt. Needless to say, they make an ideal tiling material for kitchen walls and slabs. The beauty and texture of these tiles are beyond expectations and they come in mesmerizing colors and designs that presents a wonderful look to any decor.


Granite tiles are commonly used for countertops as it gives a whole new look to the room along with increasing its functionality. Similar to granite slab, granite tile counter tops also need extra care by resealing once or twice a year so that it stays put and intact. You can also apply car wax to it; however it is advisable to consult with a tile professional to know what should be applied. Granite tiles come with twin advantages of being decorative and useful, making your choice of granite both stylish and a smart one indeed. Being extremely versatile, these tiles create a wide range of options for installations and they provide the best solution for homeowners.

lighter shade of granite

A product of nature with incredible durability, granite may be the best option for people who are keen in installing them for refreshed and unique surroundings for their home. Granite tiles are magnum opus as it enhances the look of the room. But its installation requires some preparations to ensure a perfect end result. Before installing the tile, you must consider some basic requirements, such as moisture levels, foot traffic and slip resistance. It is advisable to take the help of a flooring tile professional who will help you in working with granite as it proves to be very strenuous, primarily because of its weight.

granite tiles for the bathroomgranite tiles for the bathroom

To maintain the beauty of these natural stone granite tiles, you must invest on appropriate cleaners and polishes based on experienced advice. This will ensure longevity and create a feel of good impression. Though, Granite is a porous stone but the intensity of this feature differs from tile to tile. For example, black granite is the most nonporous type of tile and is therefore a perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

granite tile floor

Granite tiles come in several finishing types and texture such as polished, honed, leathered, antique, and brushed. Polished granite tiles bring extra shine to the stone, while honed are similar but bring little less shine than the polished. If you want to install your granite tiles in a small room, lighter shades will help make the room more spacious, bright and open. While for places constantly being used, granite tiles in darker shades are more preferable.

Before purchasing this type of tiles, male sure you can keep up with the maintenance requirements. You don’t want to pay so much money and see them damaged in a short amount of time. Trust us; granite tiles will improve your interior design significantly. If you have any questions, feel free to write them down and we will try our best to answer whatever you have for us.